Weeefiner as a guest on a podcast

Weeefiner’s Development Manager Saara Tuhkanen and Project Manager & Communications Manager Sanna Lindeman visited Brandecast. The podcast discusses, among other things, how Weeefiner has managed to come up with a solution for the recovery of dissolved materials.

Although the circular economy is already seen as part of modern society, the recycling of dissolved metals and nutrients is still in its infancy. At the same time, the need for raw materials is greater than ever.

How did Weeefiner manage to come up with a solution to recover dissolved materials from industrial waters? Can the circular economy be profitable and how does innovation help with environmental goals? Among other things, these themes are discussed in Brandecast, hosted by Lasse Riitesuo.

“We got to the bottom of what the recovery of dissolved materials is in practice and how we can contribute to the green transition. In addition, we explained, among other things, where the name Weeefiner comes from and why we say that our 4D Scavenger® techology includes the fourth dimension,” says Sanna Lindeman.

Listen to the episode on Spotify: Leave nothing behind – Weeefiner (in Finnish)

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