What is 4D Scavenger®?

4D Scavenger® is a new metal recovery technology that has been designed to selectively recover dissolved raw materials from water and liquid solutions.

The unique technology presents unforeseen selectivity, compactness and efficiency which help to overcome even the most complex water treatment challenges. At best, it can prevent water pollution, reduce the need for virgin raw materials and enable closed loops in production cycles.


Innovative recovery technology

Our state-of-the-art technology is remarkably versatile by its nature, allowing us to modify its structural and functional design to target and extract specific components from mixtures of materials. 

The selectivity presents substantial benefits as 4D Scavenger® can recover critical and high-demand raw materials with up to 100 % selectivity. Moreover, the concentrated raw materials are in many cases ready for reuse without further processing or refining. 


More power in small size

  • COMPACT FILTERS – 25 m3/h stream requires typically 100 dm3 sized 4D Scavenger® filter
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT – enables customization to various processes, lower capital investments
  • FAST REACTION – efficient, low operating costs
  • REUSABLE – consumes less materials and chemicals


More than the best available technology

4D Scavenger® technology is based on 3D-printed, chemically porous filters. The unique manufacturing method enables efficient recovery of even the smallest concentrations and introduces a more cost-effective way to process industrial waters. 

This makes sustainable water treatment and recycling raw materials feasible for industries, companies, and processes where it was earlier restricted or not used at all. 

Water treatment technologies

4D Scavengerlon exchangePrecipitationMembranes
SelectivityUp to 100%Up to 75%Up to 50%Up to 75%
Recovery potentialCompletePartialNonePartial
Waste generationLowMediumHighHigh
Energy consumptionLowMediumLowHigh
Cost €€€€€€€€


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