Weeefiner’s new advisors accelarate growth

An Advisory Network is an excellent support tool when a company needs more expertise and advice, especially when seeking growth. Weeefiner’s new experts will help particularly with questions related to sales, strategy and technology.

Weeefiner offers material recovery solutions for various industrial water processes. With the help of Weeefiner’s 4D Scavenger technology, dissolved metals and nutrients can be selectively separated from the water, and thus valuable raw materials can be returned to circulation.

Currently, there is a growing need in the world for several metals and nutrients, such as critical raw materials. In addition, as regulations and laws change, more and more people are looking for cost-effective and functional ways to treat water. Weeefiner’s goal is to grow operations and develop sales in order to be able to meet these needs. Our new advisors, Ville Salonen and Timo Galkin, will help with this mission.

“Weeefiner is solving a huge problem in the world. Through the advisory role, I get to create positive change together with Weeefiner,” says Ville Salonen.

The Advisory Network offers strategic level advice to the company’s management in a free format. As outsiders, advisors bring a new perspective and valuable information. In addition, advisors are solid experts in their field and their niche.

“I see that Weeefiner has the opportunity for strong growth in the next few years. When we get more verified evidence, i.e. references, showing that 4D Scavengers work in industrial sites as expected, I see significant growth opportunities in many industries both in Finland and globally,” commented Timo Galkin.

Ville Salonen and Timo Galkin, Weeefiner’s new advisors.

Ville gives tips for business development

Ville Salonen is a 37-year-old family man who has just moved close to his birthplace, middle-Finland. Ville advices Weeefiner especially on strategy and business development, although the topics of the discussions are often more nuanced.

“For example, when discussing bottlenecks of growth and how to open them, I can guide how to identify the right customers and approach them,” says Ville.

Ville currently works as an internal senior consultant for Cargotec’s new business operations. Previously, he worked as a business management consultant in a consulting firm. On top of these, he works in four partners’ investment companies, making investments in the SMEs sector.

“I have also written a book on the application of psychology to business and a doctor’s hat can be found from my shelf, as I have graduated as a Ph.D in the field of marketing.”

Ville’s background enables business development to be approached from different perspectives. With his role as an advisory, he wishes to help Weeefiner forward.

“Weeefiner is in initial acceleration, and just about to take off. I’m sure it’s going to be a great flight! On the other hand, as is the case with flying, I assume there will be various types of turbulence on the way. If I can smooth out that turbulence a little bit with my advice, that’s always better.”

Timo brings strong expertise in the field of water treatment

Timo Galkin from Southern Finland likes exercising in nature and camping, and sings in the chamber choir Qoro Quando and, when schedules allow, also in small ensembles. In addition to that, he has two children and extensive experience in water treatment, circular economy and research.

Timo is a Master of Science in the Chemical Engineering field with almost 10 years of experience in the industrial and municipal water treatment sectors. It has included tasks and responsibilities related to water chemistry, process planning and sales. For the past 4 years, Timo has been in the role of business manager at a water treatment process and equipment supplier. There his area of responsibility has been the development of circular economy business and development of value-adding digital services. 

Networking is an important part of his work, and he is currently active in, among other things, the board of the Water Chemistry Association and water chemistry working group of PSK standardization Power Plants.

“I appreciate real encounters between people, so I’m not particularly active on social media, but my circle of friends and networks are wide, which is a joy and a benefit in all areas of life,” says Timo.

Majority of Timo’s career, over 17 years, he has spend  in industrial research organizations, such as Nokia Research Center and Nokia Bell Labs. In these positions, in addition to technical know-how, he has gained valuable experience in managing larger entities and cooperating with various operators, customers and financiers.

“I believe that I am most useful to Weeefiner as a technical and sales sparring partner. In addition, I can help identify such piloting opportunities where 4D Scavenger’s features and advatages are highlighted compared to traditional water treatment techologies.”

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