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Value from sidestreams

Our innovation is a combination of the latest science, modern technology and the development of long-term research. The result is a unique solution that enables a new level of recycling performance. Suitable for almost all different operating environments, easily and quickly.

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Driving the Change

The innovation is driven by experts with extensive experience in science and technology. Our team operates in an academic research environment and is extensively networked with the scientific world. The unique operating environment enables the utilization of the latest technology in the field as well as the results of scientific research.

  • Commercialization of scientific excellence
  • Consulting and common development thinking
  • Fast and continuous product development


Functional Design

Innovative manufacturing process allows accurate control over the materials chemical and physical properties. This enables tailoring of the 4D Scavengers to overcome even the strictest operational challenges.

Internal structure design options allow complex flow channel design for optimal residence time, controlled pressure drop or reinforcements for structural durability.

  • Particle size and shape engineering results in most efficient utilization of active capacity
  • Exceptionally fast metal recovery even from the lowest concentrations
  • Porosity and interior structure of a 4D Scavenger can be easily adjusted


Metal recovery made easy and efficient

Robust, modular and reusable 4D Scavengers facilitate convenient metal recovery from on-line and mobile metal recovery solutions. Target metals are easily collected to maximise circular economy and upcycling potential.

Automated operation with integrated sensor technology guarantees secure operation while generating valuable data for process optimization and authority reporting.

minimizing operating expenses

Features and advantages

Based on Innovative Research

Scientific work enable a combination of renowned technologies into a modern product with unprecedented functionality

Proven Technology

Thorough technical validation has demonstrated the numerous pathways for improved performance and efficiency

Easy startup and maintenance

Compact and modular design coupled with customized process ensures scalability, straightforward installation and optimized capital and operation expenses

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Chief Technology Officer
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Chief Operating Officer
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