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Tightening regulatory limits and zero-waste targets present new challenges for water treatment. The need for cost-effective solutions is constantly increasing. In particular, the treatment of low metal and nutrient concentrations with traditional methods can prove to be difficult, requiring large and complex equipment.

Weeefiner offers solutions for the selective removal of harmful elements and the recovery of raw materials for reuse or recycling.

Example applications

Remove hazardous metals from stormwater

Meet or exceed environmental discharge limits. Outdoor operations such as metal recycling yards and logistic hubs are affected by natural forces. For example, rainwater can dissolve metals and contaminate the runoff waters. Some of the metals have acute toxicity even in low concentrations and therefore have strict discharge limits.

Weeefiner offers solutions for removing hazardous metals. By selectively removing the hazardous contaminants we can purify the water cost-efficiently and reduce the amount of toxic waste.


  • Remove low-concentration metals
  • Meet or exceed discharge regulations

Example applications

Recover nutrients from wastewater

Municipal wastewater contains significant amounts of nutrients such as nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus. These contaminants can make treating these waters a challenge. At the same time some of these elements are considered as critical raw materials and they hold significant circular economy potential.

Weeefiner's 4D Scavenger technology can recover these elements from wastewater. The recovered concentrates can be used in recycled fertilizers. 


  • Produce raw materials for fertilizers
  • Reach environmental goals and requirements

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Our goal is to identify the best solution for your process. During the project path our team will customize the 4D Scavenger® to reach your desired recovery objectives in the most cost-efficient way possible.




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