4D Scavenger

For batch processes

An open recovery module is the perfect choice for small-batch processes. The versatile and modular solution can be easily integrated into existing processes and can be scaled to fit recovery needs.

4D Scavenger

For small streams

When treating small side streams and liquid waste streams, you can choose between a 4DS Recovery Unit and an open 4DS Recovery Module depending on how much space you have for the equipment. If it is an outside application, the recovery unit is the right option for you.

 4D Scavenger

For midsize streams

Perfect solution for treating storm runoff and waste streams before discharging them to nature. Fully automatic equipment can operate independently in remote locations and harsh conditions. Requires minimum amount of manual work.

CAPACITY OPERATION< 5 m3/h1-15 m3/h> 25 m3/h
OPERATIONAvailable with manual or automatic operationAvailable with manual or automatic operationAutomatic operation with remote control
UNIT SIZE (APPROX.)120x80x180 cm240x160x200 cm, can also be installed in 20 ft container 20 ft or 40 ft container
WEIGHT (APPROX.)60 kg140 kg or 20 ft/40ft container20 ft or 40 ft container
TECHNOLOGY4D Scavenger®4D Scavenger®4D Scavenger®
APPLICATIONSSelective recovery of metals or nutrientsSelective recovery of metals or nutrientsSelective recovery of metals or nutrients
CONCENTRATIONSFrom μg/l to g/lFrom μg/l to g/lFrom μg/l to g/l
RECOVERY PERCENTUp to 99%Up to 99%Up to 99%
PH RANGE0-140-140-14
TEMPERATURE RANGE0-90 °C0-90 °C0-90 °C
FEED PRESSURE0.5-2.5 Bar0.5-2.5 Bar0.5-2.5 Bar

Need a larger solution?

Our container and module solutions are designed to be modular and versatile. By combining them, we can build larger factory applications. Contact us for more information!

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