4D Scavenger - Revolutionize Water Treatment

4D Scavenger is a combination of the latest science, modern technology and the development of long-term research. The unique solution offers an efficient way to recover dissolved metals and nutrients directly from process, waste and side streams. 

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4D Scavenger


More Power in Smaller Size

Thanks to their significantly faster operation compared to other methods, 4D Scavenger units are considerably smaller in size. The compact units can be integrated with pre-existing processes so no major harware purchases are required.

Compact does not mean less power. On the contrary, due to its fast operation 4D Scavenger can process even large streams efficiently and the waste water volumes will be significantly smaller. 



Innovative Technology

At the core of the 4D Scavenger is a filter unit whose material and porosity can be modified to harness the catcher to focus on desired target materials such as palladium (Pd), gold (Au), zinc (Zn) or lead (Pb). By customizing the core, the scavenger can be targeted to recover almost any metal.

If needed, units can be connected in series to recover multiple different metals with the same solution. After efficient recovery, the metals are easy to wash into their own fractions from different 4D Scavenger units.

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More Than Best Available Technology

Combining different water treatment solutions with new manufacturing technology results in a new, innovative product that meets the problems of traditional methods.

The unprecedented recovery accuracy of the 4D Scavenger enables efficient recovery of even the smallest concentrations and brings a more cost-effective way to process industrial water streams. 


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