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Industrial process streams and wastewater contain enormous amounts of unutilized raw materials. Treating these streams as waste can be complicated and resource-consuming process.

Weeefiner offers solutions and services for recovering dissolved metals from liquid process streams and recycling resources back into the manufacturing process. 

Example applications

Recover precious metals from waste

Maximize the economic value of your processes by recovering precious metals from batch processes and waste streams. Recovered metal concentrations can be recycled back into the original process or sold forward.

4D Scavenger® technology can selectively extract precious metals even in the presence of other metal or ions in challenging feed solutions.

  • Produce raw materials for industrial use
  • Reduce raw material need

Case with Kemira

Example applications

Recover precious metals from waste

Maximize the utilization of dissolved metals by recycling them in-house. Many processes use or produce metals which overtime will accumulate into the process cycles and impair the process efficiency. This notably increases the operating costs and disposal costs of the process.

The state-of-the-art 4D Scavenger technology has been designed to not only remove the disruptive elements but they can also be recovered for reuse and recycling purposes.

  • Increase sustainability
  • Reduce operating costs

Case with Andritz


Process Design

Our goal is to identify the best solution for your process. During the project path our team will customize the 4D Scavenger® to reach your desired recovery objectives in the most cost-efficient way possible.




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