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Mining operations generate complex wastewater and side streams that typically contain  mixtures of dissolved metals and nutrients. Common water treatment methods can be insufficient in meeting discharge regulations and community's expections and usually produce large amounts of unusable sludge as a by-product.

Weeefiner offers equipment and services for mining sites to achieve environmental goals and turn mining waters into a source of secondary raw materials.

Example applications

Utilize sidestreams and mining waste better

Due to the nature of mining operations, dissolved metals and minerals such as phosphate, copper, and rare earth elements, can be found in overburden, waste rock, and tailings. 

By selectively recovering these raw materials, we can turn the side streams into a secondary resource and maximize the potential of existing operations.


  • Find new revenue streams
  • Increase the amount of extracted materials

Example applications

Towards sustainable mining operations

Prevention of environmental damage and water protection are essential parts of sustainable mining operations. High levels of dissolved contaminants can prevent water reuse and cause damage to the surrounding enviroment.

Challenging mining-influenced waters can be difficult to manage. Weeefiner's selective technology can supplement current water treatment by removing the persistent low concentration residues.


  • Minimize waste residues
  • No sludge or precipitates produced

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Process Design

Our goal is to identify the best solution for your process. During the project path our team will customize the 4D Scavenger® to reach your desired recovery objectives in the most cost-efficient way possible.




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