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Critical Raw Materials Act addresses the vulnerability of raw material supply chain

Behind the newly announced EU regulation is the urgent need for a more sustainable cycle of critical raw materials. By recovering dissolved raw materials with industry-leading technologies, we turn low-value, toxic streams into green, profitable and future-proof business.

Securing availability throughout the entire value chain by 2030

Critical Raw Material Act 2023 Infographic

CritiCal Raw Material Act 2023 Infographic

At least 10% of the annually consumed strategic raw materials should be extracted within EU.

At least 40% of the annually consumed strategic raw materials should be refined within the EU.

At least 15% of of the annually consumed strategic raw materials should come from recycling.

A single third country  should not produce more than 65% of the strategic raw materials.

Opportunities with Weeefiner's recovery solutions

Up to


of EU’s 2030 REE demand for clean energy technologies could be produced from mining wastewaters.

Up to


of EU’s magnesium demand could be produced from kraft pulp mills waste material currently disposed in landfills.

Up to


of EU’s borate consumption could be recovered from chemical industry wastewater.

Main factors to consider


Regulation and security

Boosting the EU's self-sufficiency, the newly announced regulation aims at reducing the significant risk of critical material shortages in metals and minerals. Currently, up to 100% of the supply of certain critical materials is in the hands of non-EU producers.

Critical Raw Materials - Press release


Daily missed value
Our unique technology not only makes the recovery of dissolved critical materials more efficient, but also helps companies to avoid losing value. When stricter regulations come into force, the lost value for companies that do not take action will be significant.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Raw materials production is a major source of Scope 3 emissions. Recovering materials from secondary sources is the most effective way to achieve a zero-emission future. Our winning technology cleverly enables lower operating costs while resulting in less waste produced.

Meet the 4D Scavenger®

Weefiner is the leader in the recovery of dissolved metals and nutrients. With our unique 4D Scavenger® water treatment technology, we are bringing everyday added value to our partners around the world.


For a wide range of industries


Through selective recovery, side streams can be harnessed as resource to maximise the full potential of existing mining operations.


Processing industry

Industrial process streams and waste water contain huge amounts of unused raw materials. Our selective recovery technology will turn previously wasted valuable resources into true circular economy.


Metals and batteries icon

Maximise the financial value of your processes by recovering precious metals from batch processes and waste streams. Recovered metal concentrations can be easily recycled back into the original process or alternatively sold on.



Critical Raw Materials Resilience Charting a Path towards greater Security and Sustainability

Description: This document describes the general problem setting, challenges for a secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials and actions to increase EU resilience and open strategic autonomy.

Original link          Download


The Role of Rare Earth Elements in Wind Energy and Electric Mobility

Description: Detailed report on the role of four specific rare earths neodymium, praseodymium, terbium and dysprosium critical for low-carbon technologies and for other applications.

Original link           Download


Critical Raw Materials Factsheet

Description: Great overview with up-to-date market, demand and supply information for all elements in the EU’s list of Critical Raw Materials.

Original link           Download


Study on the EU's list of Critical Raw Materials (2020)

Description: The 2020 assessment covers a larger number of materials. Here is detailed study on 83 individual materials or 66 candidate raw materials comprising.

Original link            Download