Weeefiner won mining company Eramet’s water resource innovation challenge

Weeefiner won the innovation competition organized by Eramet and EIT RawMaterials with a dissolved metal recovery solution. With this victory, Weeefiner expands its foothold as a supplier of innovative water treatment solutions for the mining industry.

Weeefiner participated in the Water Resource Innovation Challenge organized by Eramet and EITRawMaterials, aimed at finding solutions to the water management challenges in the mining industry. The competition, which began in June 2023, culminated in a final event held in Paris on March 13, 2024. Weeefiner won with is 4D Scavenger® solution which is a one-stop solution for water treatment and metal recovery.

In the mining and metallurgical industries, water is a vital resource with limited availability. International demand for water is expected to increase by up to 55 percent by 2025, with climate change worsening water scarcity. The goal of Eramet’s innovation competition is to find new solutions to industrial water management challenges. One of 4D Scavenger® solution’s benefits is that it can reduce water consumption, which is crucial in modern mining operations. 

“This innovation competition has been an excellent opportunity to showcase our technology and its suitability for water treatment in the mining and metallurgical industries,” commented Mikko Hänninen, CEO of Weeefiner, on the victory. “It has been a great experience to collaborate with experts in the mining sector throughout the competition.”

As a prize, Weeefiner received €50,000 and began collaboration with Eramet

Over 90 startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from around the world applied to the competition. From these ninety, four companies were selected to advance to the finals to showcase their solutions. In the final round, the solutions were presented to Eramet’s leadership.

Weeefiner won a €50,000 prize to test and validate its solution at an Eramet site. The prize not only serves as a great recognition for Weeefiner but also marks a concrete step in the collaboration between Weeefiner and Eramet. The collaboration will start with a piloting project dedicated to solve the water treatment challenges presented by Eramet.

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Eramet,” says Hänninen. “It’s great to be part of building a more sustainable future.”

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About Eramet

Eramet is an international mining and metallurgy company headquartered in Paris, France. The Eramet Group focuses on the production of key metals and alloys for various industrial needs, emphasizing sustainable development and responsible business practices.

About Weeefiner

Weeefiner is a Finnish pioneer in the recovery of metals and nutrients, offering innovative water treatment solutions to various industries, including mining, metallurgy, and process industries. 

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