Weeefiner & Sofi Filtration – water treatment solutions for industrial challenges

Weeefiner and Sofi Filtration, two Finnish SMEs, have joined forces in a strategic partnership to address the complex challenges of industrial water treatment. Together, they aim to develop innovative and comprehensive water treatment solutions tailored to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the industry sector.

As the climate crisis poses significant challenges to water availability, industries must proactively adapt to anticipate and mitigate water-related risks. Promoting water efficiency and recycling in industries not only supports ecological sustainability but also drives economic growth.

The collaboration between Weeefiner and Sofi Filtration signifies a major milestone in the advancement of industrial water treatment processes. By combining their complementary innovations and expertise, the partnership seeks to provide a holistic solution that enables the industrial sector to adopt sustainable water treatment practices.

“Our collaboration aims to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses both dissolved materials and solids, enhancing sustainability and efficiency in industries”, says Mikko Hänninen, CEO of Weeefiner Ltd.

“We firmly believe in the importance of reclaiming valuable raw materials and maximizing water reuse in the future.”

A solution for treating fine solid matter and dissolved materials

Sofi Filtration, stemming from Aalto University research, provides an innovation that addresses the accumulation of fine solid matter in industrial water. Their patented clarifying filter enables the removal of very small particles (<10 µm), which hinder heat transfer, chemical processes, and further water treatment.

After the filtration process, Weeefiner utilizes its cutting-edge technology to not only separate dissolved metals from water but to also recover them for reuse. The technology, developed at the University of Jyväskylä, maximizes the value of dissolved substances and reduces the environmental impact of wastewater disposal.

Weeefiner’s 4D Scavenger reactor and a scale model of Sofi Filtration’s solution.

The joint project has received funding from The Water Expertise Growth and Internationalization program (funded by the EU). Aligned with Finland’s Sustainable Growth Program, this collaboration aims to support ecological, social, and economic sustainable growth, as well as promote competitiveness, investments, competence, and research and development.

The project started on the first day of September. During the project, Weeefiner and Sofi Filtration will pilot their solution at multiple industrial sites across Europe. The pilot phase aims to identify the most promising application areas within the region. Pilot sites will be selected based on an extensive market survey, with an emphasis on international exports.

Collaboration plays a crucial role in exporting water expertise, especially when serving large industrial customers. Combining solutions into comprehensive offerings helps smaller players in the water sector to competitively meet their customers’ needs and overcome traditional water treatment challenges.

“We believe that Finnish water technology providers should collaborate more closely to offer comprehensive solutions for industries. Our country has a wealth of top experts and highly advanced technology that would be valued worldwide. However, larger players are specifically looking for end-to-end solutions, not individual technologies”, says Riina Salmimies, CEO of Sofi Filtration Ltd.

“Together, we can elevate Finnish expertise in water treatment to a new level and promote sustainable growth.”

About Weeefiner:

Weeefiner Ltd. is a Finnish pioneer in the recovery of metals and nutrients, offering innovative water treatment solutions for the industrial sector. Weeefiner’s story began with a bold innovation aimed at revolutionizing the circulation of dissolved raw materials. In 2017, Weeefiner Oy was established to continue technology development and manage the patent. Pilot use of the 4D Scavenger® technology started at the end of 2020, and the first equipment delivery took place in the summer of 2022. To date, Weeefiner has already implemented over 50 recovery development projects for customers in various industries.

About Sofi Filtration:

Sofi Filtration Ltd. is a Finnish start-up founded in 2011. The company specializes in separating fine solids from industrial water using its patented mechanically self-cleaning filter, the Sofi Filter(R). The filter requires no chemicals for the separation and being automatically self-cleaning requires only minimal operator intervention. Current customers include power plants, the mining and mineral processing industry, steel mills and metal refineries, and the pulp and paper industry across Europe.

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