Safeguarding the Mediterranean: Weeefiner’s Collaboration in EU Horizon Project

Weeefiner is part of the iMermaid EU Horizon project, which aims to protect the Mediterranean Sea. In the project, Weeefiner focuses on removing dissolved heavy metals, thereby preventing the accumulation of harmful metals in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Sea is an actively utilized waterway and a crucial area for many essential economic activities. Human activities significantly impact the marine environment and its ecosystems. The Mediterranean is particularly susceptible to pollution due to the limited water circulation in densely populated coastal areas.

iMERMAID (Innovative solutions for Mediterranean Ecosystem Remediation via Monitoring and decontamination from Chemical Pollution) is an international project funded by the EU, with the aim of harnessing advanced technological solutions to enhance the protection of the Mediterranean. Weeefiner is involved in the project, developing solutions for the treatment of dissolved heavy metals and the prevention of Mediterranean pollution.

“Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, or mercury can be harmful to the environment and its ecosystems even in small concentrations. Additionally, it is practically impossible to screen dissolved metals from the vast water masses of the seas once they have entered. Therefore, Weeefiner aims to provide solutions for industry and wastewater treatment that prevent the accumulation of metal residues in water bodies,” says Mikko Hänninen, CEO of Weeefiner.

iMERMAID – a project uniting a world-class international team

iMERMAID brings together significant SMEs, researchers, decision-makers, and developers of innovative technologies into a consortium of 26 partners.

“We are honored to be part of a high-caliber, multidisciplinary, and international team capable of making a broad impact in Europe,” says Saara Tuhkanen, Development Manager at Weeefiner, involved in the project.

“The more diverse organizations and experts we have focusing on reducing and preventing pollution in water and marine ecosystems, the broader positive effects we can achieve.”

The iMERMAID project was launched in June 2023 with a kick-off meeting in Burgos, Spain. The 26 partners of the project gathered for the first time to embark on their collective journey to improve water quality. Saara Tuhkanen represented Weeefiner in this endeavor.

Funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe program, this 3-year initiative aims to address problems arising from chemical pollution in the Mediterranean using the most cost-effective and sustainable methods. The project integrates innovative and preventive approaches for monitoring and sustainable management of marine ecosystems. Simultaneously, the goal is to expand economic opportunities and competitiveness in the region and improve the quality of life for EU residents.

“The iMERMAID project has tremendous potential for the well-being of water ecosystems. The frameworks and innovations developed during the project are sure to be in demand both in Europe and globally,” remarks Tuhkanen.

The goals of the iMERMAID project:

  • Reducing the generation of pollution by influencing public opinion and decision-making
  • Developing innovative and replicable technologies
  • Integrating and demonstrating the combination of techniques and technologies in the Mediterranean region
  • Engaging target stakeholders regarding the themes of the project
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