Flexible water treatment on demand

Weeefiner has introduced new on demand operating principle to its services. Our customer can rent a water treatment system for the needed time. The water treatment units are suitable for controlling metal and nutrient concentrations and for recovering valuable raw materials. 

The rentable water treatment unit on its way to the customer.

Weeefiner aims to provide water treatment and dissolved raw material recovery with even greater flexibility. That’s why we offer units with on demand model. Similar to our other equipment, On Demand units are designed to capture target metal and nutrient concentrations. These unit are used for tasks such as removing heavy metals (nickel, cadmium, lead), recovering metals (palladium, zinc), and removing and recovering nutrients (nitrates, sulfates). The key difference is that the On Demand units are offered as a service, without investment costs, and flexibly only for the time needed. 

Traditionally, water treatment equipment is designed for long-term continuous use. However, industries and municipalities often encounter short term water treatment needs. For instance, during changes in production capacity, metal or nutrient concentrations, and water volumes might temporarely rise. Committing to long-term solutions in these scenarios is financially burdensome and environmentally impractical.

Weeefiner’s recovery and water treatment solutions on action.

Recovery as a service or own equipment?

More flexibility: All our equipment can be designed to adapt to momentary changes in metal and nutrient concentrations and water volumes. Processing can be timed, for example, at the start of the production process. The On Demand unit should be chosen for clear short-term projects or processes with changing future needs. The On Demand model is particularly suitable for treating metal- and nutrient-rich baths and pools and for demonstrating a treatment process over a longer term.

Without investment costs: In the On Demand model, you only pay for the equipment’s usage in addition to possible process development. This eliminates significant initial investments, making it an attractive option. Investing in your own recovery equipment is advisable when it is known that the equipment will be used for long-term.

Support from experts: Weeefiner’s On Demand equipment is offered as a service, including continuous expert support from installation to maintenance and technical assistance. This ensures an effortless water treatment process throughout its usage.

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