Weeefiner selected for KasvuOpen’s Circular Economy Growth Path

Weeefiner Ltd offers innovative water treatment solutions for industry, which enable raw materials that have ended up in process and waste water to be returned to circulation.

Weeefiner has been selected for KasvuOpen’s circular economy growth path program. The purpose of the program is to bring together companies promoting the circular economy and to spar with companies from a circular economy perspective.

Weeefiner is one of the fifteen environmentally-concious companies that were selected to KasvuOpen’s Circular Economy Growth Path (Fin. Kiertotalouden kasvupolku). The program sought after companies that harness industrial side streams in their services or products. They were particularly looking for companies with well-defined growth strategy or a product ready for international scalability. Weeefiner is honoured to be one of the companies that were selected to the program.

Circular economy is at the core of our operations, and we provide practical circular economy solutions for industrial players. Weeefiner’s aim is to help industrial actors implement sustainable and effective practices to their processes. 

While water treatment and purification are vital processes across various industries, traditional cleaning methods often overlook the valuable raw materials present in water. Consequently, metals and nutrients dissolved in water are typically treated as waste. Weeefiner’s 4D Scavenger® solutions are desinged to answer this problem. With the help of our technology, we can selectively extract metals and nutrients from water, repurposing them as essential raw materials for recycling, such as in the production of fertilizers.

“The circular economy growth path is a great opportunity for us to refine our growth strategy and network with other Finnish circular economy companies,” says Weeefiner’s development manager Saara Tuhkanen.

Within the sparring program, companies have the opportunity to engage with experts, exchange valuable insights among peers, establish new connections and partnerships, and collectively draw inspiration.

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