Weeefiner supports team’s well-being

The well-being of employees is in everyone’s interest. That’s why Weeefiner invests in promoting well-being right from the start.

As part of the well-being, Weeefiner organizes free time recreational activities to celebrate successes and to strengthen the team’s team spirit. Above is a photo from our Christmas Party, where we met for Christmas food and bowling.

In the spring of 2022, Weeefiner decided to make and implement a new plan for personnel development. The purpose of the plan is to promote and maintain employees’ well-being.

“Employees are company’s important, if not the most important, resource that should be taken care of. In addition, proactively promoting well-being in the workplace shows that we care about employees. That’s why we at Weeefiner want to actively invest in the well-being of our team,” says campaign leader Saara Tuhkanen, Weeefiner’s Development Manager.

The planning started by carrying out a survey, which was used to map out what issues the team felt needed to be addressed. Based on the survey, a well-being campaign was developed, in which different themes of well-being were discussed according to the needs of the employees.

Exercise, rest and tips for maintaining well-being

During the early fall, Weeefiner focused on increasing exercise through an exercise competition. The goal was to encourage employees to increase exercise in their everyday life, and the competition was enthusiastically participated in. Based on the feedback received from the campaign, the amount of exercise actually increased with the incentive.

During the rest of the year, the focus was on psychological recovery through different theme weeks. Especially as autumn darkens, the importance of rest and recovery is emphasized, and that is why this was chosen as a suitable time to focus on mental well-being.

The aim of the recovery campaign was to present and teach different tools for maintaining and developing one’s well-being. During the theme weeks, information was given on the different aspects of psychological recovery and small tasks, which allowed employees to easily familiarize themselves with the topics and put them into practice in everyday life.

Our goal is to monitor well-being in long term

The whole wellness campaign has been received positively by Weeefiner. Our team members have been satisfied that well-being themes have been brought up regularly and in a variety of ways. The campaign was especially praised for being able to focus on the relevant matters.

After the campaign, the state of well-being at work will be monitored regularly with surveys and continuous work will be done to maintain well-being. In the personnel development plan, the needs of the team members will be flexibly taken into account in order to focus on matters important to the employees in a timely manner. It is especially important to hear and involve employees when making new plans, because they are the reason we are doing this.

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