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Weeefiner participated in the IWA fair as part of the Finland Pavilion. The event was a great place for networking, as there were more than 8,000 participants during the event.

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition brings together experts in the water industry internationally from all phases of the water cycle. This time the theme was Water for smart, livable cities and the fair was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thanks to the close location, a lot of water experts from Nordic and Baltic countries we present.

Weeefiner was invited to participate in the fair as part of the Finnish pavilion. The organizer of the pavilion was the Finnish Water Forum organization, to which Weeefiner also belongs.

“The IWA fair is the water industry’s main event of the year globally, so this was a great opportunity for us to increase awareness on an international level,” says Sanna Lindeman, Weeefiner’s project manager and communications manager.

Networking with international experts in the water sector

The five-day fair was a perfect place for networking and finding new contacts. A lot of Finnish and international visitors came to Weeefiner’s stand to learn more about material recovery and 4D Scavenger technology.

At the Weeefiner stand, visitors had the opportunty to take a closer look of 4D Scavenger samples and the reactor. In addition, a video of our LabPilot equipment and an intoductory animation gave visitors more knowledge about Weeefine’s operations. 

“Many people came with interest to take samples. With the help of the sample reactor, it was easier to demonstrate how 4D Scavenger catches the dissolved metals and nutrients when water is pumped trough the filter-like units”, Sanna says.

Weeefiner exhibition stand. On the table are 4D Scavenger samples and a reactor with 4D Sacevengers placed inside.

In addition to the fair and the conference, visitors were offered a lot of side activities. Several workshops, panel discussions, Business Forums and lunch lectures were organized around the Bella Center. Weeefiner also went to the cafe lecture to talk about the applications of 4D Scavenger and the recovery of metals and nutrients.

“It was great to be able to tell about our innovative technology to a wider audience in an international environment,” commented Saara Tuhkanen, Weeefiner’s Development Manager, who gave the coffee lecture.

Tuesday culminated in a cocktail event organized by Finland Pavilion together with the Embassy of Finland. At the cocktail event, interested visitors got to learn more about Finnish water solutions. The event was a major success as the Pavilion was filled with visitors. Among other Finnish companies, Weeefiner made some very interesting connections. 

Weeefiner’s exhibition stand, Bella Center and Development Manager holding a coffee lecture in the Nordic Pavilion.

Thanks to everyone who visited the Weeefiner point

Thank you to all of you who visited our stand, it was great to network with you. Thanks also to the other Finland Pavilion exhibitors and the organizers of the Finnish Pavilion!

A group photo of Finland Pavilion exhibitors.

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