The pilot container – What we use it for?

Our Business Development team went to see Weeefiner’s pilot container in action. What is it used for and how does it work?

Our team visited the Weeefiner pilot container, located about ten miles from the office. The introductory day was a colder-than-usual frosty day, but it did not interfere with the demonstration tour, as the pilot container has been heated and will remain in working order all year round.

“The development of commercial operations is one of the core areas of our team, but it is also good to see under the so-called hood of Weeefiner, ie the technological side of the process,” says Saara Tuhkanen, Weeefiner’s Business Development Manager.

Short information package for the pilot container

Why does Weeefiner have a pilot container?

Weeefiner offers total solutions for reducing metal concentrations and recovering dissolved metals. Testing the process on a pilot container allows for more detailed equipment design and process finishing before building the customer’s hardware.

How does the pilot container work?

In the same manner as the final hardware. At its simplest, the metal-containing water is led into the container where it is pumped through a 4D Scavenger filter developed by Weeefiner. The purified water continues its path, while the recovered metals are collected by washing them from the filter.

Where are customer projects piloted?

The pilot container is completely mobile so we can bring it directly to the customer. This allows the process to be tested in a real environment with scaled flow. The pilot container can also be driven here in Jyväskylä, where the customer can send us a sample in IBC containers, for example.

Pictures from the pilot container. On the left, colored metallic water and a clear treated solution. Large 7-liter reactors installed in series in the middle, and 4D Scavengers mounted in a clear tube on the right.

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