Weeefiner development supported by ELY-funding (EU)

Weeefiner intends to further develop and expand its operations. The vision is to build a comprehensive water treatment solution that meets the most challenging water treatment problems.

The company has undergone through impressive growth in the past few months, assembled a team of industry professionals and set up a fully functional research facility all in record time. This new project funding recognises our notable progress and will allow us to develop and grow Weeefiner’s business further.

The project began in early 2021 and is estimated to last for approx. 1,5 years. The main goals are related to product development in the customer environment, construction of business and service concepts and a novel production model. In addition, customer and market mapping together with brand revamp are essential goals of the project. In the upcoming months, we will focus on scaling up Weeefiner’s 4D Scavenging technology (pat. pend.), our operations and the whole company.

“We want to realise our vision of holistic water treatment through building the most versatile and adaptable solution on the market”, says Mikko Hänninen, Chief Operations Officer at Weeefiner. “We have already made good progress, so keep an eye out for exciting news!”

About Weeefiner
Weeefiner provides practical solutions and novel technology for modern water treatment. In close collaboration with customer, we identify valuable elements from industry side streams, waste and process waters which can be recovered for further utilization. Even the undesired or hazardous elements can be collected to purify contaminations or upgrade the water quality. Come to know us better at: www.weeefiner.fi.

In accordance with EU ELY funding initiative. To find out more about the project and funding details visit this link. If you’d like to know how we drive the change in circular economy, we’re happy to send you our investment presentation.

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