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Achieve an entirely new level of resource wisdom by enabling the complete utilization of raw materials in your industry processes.

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The Challenges of The Future that We Tackle

  1. Significance of efficiency
    Complete utilization of raw materials in circular processes require adaptation of new and innovative technologies.
  2. Stringent environmental requirements
    Regulatory limits, increasing treatment costs and zero-waste targets present unforeseen challenges for water treatment.

Weeefiner Solution

State-of-the-art technology assembly with unforeseen performance, coupled with unlimited structural and functional design options. Applicable for industrial processes, mining, runoff water, fresh and wastewater treatment.

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"Circular economy as a global phenomenon is one of the strongest drivers for responsible business, and Weeefiner’s breakthrough technology responds to the challenge for promoting sustainable use of natural resources"

Henrik Kunttu
Vice rector responsible for research and innovations
at the University of Jyväskylä.

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