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Revolutionize your water treatment - utilize valuable raw materials thoroughly and reduce your environmental impact.

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A Solution to the Growing Challenges of Water Treatment

  1. Improve material efficiency
    Without efficient recovery, a significant portion of the dissolved materials in the processes end up in waste streams unused.
  2. Achieve environmental requirements
    Regulatory limits and zero-waste targets present new challenges for water treatment. The need for cost-effective solutions is constantly increasing.

Recover dissolved metals from side streams

With 4D Scavenger -technology nothing is left behind  – the scavenger can selectively filter and recover soluble metals and nutrients from industrial waters and processes. Remove interfering metals in high quality form and return them to the process as secondary raw materials.

4D Scavenger applications - käyttökohteet
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Lower metal discharge, cost decrease, convenient, compact, cost effective

What materials can we recover?

There is almost no limitation on what materials can be recovered. We have successfully recovered precious metals, zinc, nickel, cadmium, mercury, lead and many other materials from countless industrial waters. 

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"Circular economy as a global phenomenon is one of the strongest drivers for responsible business, and Weeefiner’s breakthrough technology responds to the challenge for promoting sustainable use of natural resources"


Henrik Kunttu
Vice rector responsible for research and innovations
at the University of Jyväskylä.


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